Started simply as a Lake Highlands party room in 2010, The Lab has taken on a life of its own. I was personally tired of dragging my own kids to pizza places and arcades every weekend. I aimed to have a place where kids could do smart stuff, learn and never be bored. I wanted programs that welcomed the weird kids and celebrated their quirks. After a year, The Lab Rats and I packed up and moved; we enjoyed three years in Junius Heights and another year in a giant Mercedes van.

For our efforts, D Magazine, The Dallas Morning News and Advocate Magazine have recognized us in print and online. I have appeared on FOX 4 Good Day, Good Morning Texas and Channel 33’s Close-Up promoting The Lab’s programs. Lots of mommy bloggers and moms and dads have celebrated us, too (thanks for that). To date, we’ve conducted about seventy camps, a few hundred school, church and community events and classes, and almost 1,000 birthday parties. All this to further your children’s interest in science and exploration of things unknown.

Mess Labs is the latest iteration of my original lab concept. Seven years later, and I’ve added power tools and digital devices this time, so we can be all things Science Lab, Tinker Space, and Code Studio.


Science Lab

Slime-making and other hands-on chemistry experiments…tie-dye & test tubes, tornados & testing the limits…this is what our place was created to do.

Tinker Space

The Maker Movement in real life…we offer young people opportunities to solder, shred, sew and explore what they can make with power and hand tools.

Code Studio

Code is poetry that powers our world today…doing things with hardware and software brings programming to life…kids can apply logic and think critically here.


Mess Wright

Mess Wright


I’ve spent my adult life raising children and working with impaired elderly, and I have somehow fit in Scout Leader, Rotary mentor and community organizer duties, too.

The Lab at Lake Highlands/Lakewood, though, was my true labor of love; each time I tried to “kick it to the curb,” one of you picked it back up and showed me its value and its place in the lives of thousands of Dallas children.

First, I love my boys. Next,I like to party. And dance. And roller skate. And listen to every detail you want to share of your life story.

“I am large. I contain multitudes.”

Abe Nadimi

Abe Nadimi


My desire to build and understand systems and processes brought me on a logical path of well-regarded Test Flight Engineer at Bell Helicopter. However, my ambition and the drive to build and create quickly outgrew the tightly defined engineer job description, and I found myself devising and developing an international distribution company.

As a business owner, I quickly had to become versed in law, accounting, bookkeeping, and HR – if not on a pro level, I know enough to be dangerous in a meeting.

I live near Dallas with my beautiful wife and two kids. I appreciate a well-made cup of coffee, a heavily stamped passport, and trash talking with friends.


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